Celebrating The Differents

Welcome to The Differents, a rehabilitation facility spanning over 18,000 square feet. Founded by Joe Rippey, John Hanrahan, and Heather Taft, individuals who have personally experienced addiction and its treatment, this facility is far more than just a house. Nestled near Reno, NV, it offers inspiring, panoramic views of Mount Rose and art-lined walls.

However, The Differents is not solely defined by its comforting setting. It emerges as a crucial pillar of support for a community grappling with the catastrophic rise in fentanyl use, the increasing number of opioid-related deaths and a shortage of resources for individuals battling addiction. The founders recognized the urgent need for a facility that could fill this gap and provide vital assistance.

The Differents' founders, driven by their personal experiences, hold strong views regarding the current state of addiction treatment. They firmly believe that proficiency in business does not automatically qualify someone to effectively run a treatment center. For effective rehabilitation, empathy, compassion, experience, expertise and an unwavering passion to instill hope are paramount. These principles serve as the guiding ethos for The Differents.

At the core of The Differents' approach lies the profound role human connection plays in the recovery process. A major study showcased the importance of social bonds by observing methamphetamine and heroin-addicted rats. These rats were given a choice: press one lever for a drug infusion or press another lever that would open a door, allowing them to interact with a fellow rat. Surprisingly, the rats consistently chose companionship over drugs over 90 percent of the time. While acknowledging the complexity of humans compared to rats, it is clear that social connection remains integral to overcoming addiction.

The Differents' commitment extends beyond addiction treatment. They provide ongoing support and guidance to individuals as they transition into a life free from their old habits. This includes assistance in finding employment, establishing new rhythms and fostering connections that can help individuals rediscover meaning and purpose.

We, at The Change Companies, take great pride in partnering with The Differents on their mission. Interactive Journaling® curricula from The Change Companies will be used as part of person-centered care at The Differents. Together, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those battling addiction.